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  • # I had bird nest in my air conditioners. The techs came out and removed the nest carefully and then put wire mesh around my air conditioner so it would not happen again. They were quick and friendly . What I liked the most is while they were came out for one job they stumbled on a bee hive above one of the air conditioners and removed it FREE of Charge .. Great customer service... Very happy with the price too .. Keep up the good work ALCO

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Rats Control NJ

by ALCO Animal Control

Looking for Rats Control in NJ? ALCO Animal Control is the Rats Control service for you!
Since 1995 ALCO Animal Control has been providing excellent Rats Control service for many satisfied clients in NJ. Whether it is Rats Control service for homes or commercial Rats Control service, ALCO Animal Control can solve your Rats Control problem easily.
Using the most environmentally friendly Rats Control products ALCO Animal Control will safely remove all your unwanted Rats in no time.

Rats have been successful at keeping their species alive for millions of years... but throughout all of those years billions of dollars each have been lost by contamination of food by rodent droppings, urine and hair. Rodents destroy much more food than they could possibly eat, and their chewing habits have been responsible for causing fires. Also, their breeding increases the problem because within a year they can have between thirty to eighty offspring. The reason for the survival of this species is that they can squeeze through a hole the size of a 20 cent piece, fall 20 meters with no injury, tread water for 3 days, eat all sorts of food and survive an atomic bomb test. The Roof Rat The rat is responsible for spreading fleas and causing the death of millions of people through the Black Plague. Its ability to climb helped spread it throughout the world by climbing ships masts. It normally likes to live in trees and roofs of buildings. Distinguishing Rats from Mice Mice are distinguished from young rats by smaller heads and feet, larger ears in proportion, and much longer tail. Proofing In pest control this means the blocking of entry points by physical means such as bird wire, metal sheeting and steel wool or door seals. Contact Dusts and Gels Such as Bromatrol dust or Fentrol gel may be used once it is established where the activity is situated. You can determine this by the use of talc as a tracking dust. Preventing rats in the home Good hygiene and limiting supply of food and water is great for preventing rodent infestations. Rodent Proofing Doors, windows, screens and cracked concrete are easy access for rodents. Look for openings near the top of buildings such as roof vents, eaves, overhangs and roof top air conditioning units. Drainpipes need a screen on the bottom as well as the top.

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Need Rats Control in NJ? ALCO Animal Control is the Rats Control service for you!

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