Pest Removal Reviews Passaic County, NJ

Pest Removal Reviews in Passaic County, NJ

  • " These guys are reliable, reasonable, and get the job done! Every winter I get mice in my attic. One call and Alco is here within 24 hrs. Mice stay gone while year.
    Chester, NJ "
  • " showed up very fast. did a thorough inspection of roof to see where the tiny squirrels were coming into our house. set up the one way exit safely and correctly. no squirrel sounds for 5 days. will be out tomorrow to close up the hole for good. i would give them 6 stars if i could! "
  • " They are great and honest people. Heard a bird in one of our vents so called them to scope it out. Firstly, they came within a reasonable time frame. Secondly, they checked it out and suggested I hold off on spending the money and continue to monitor. You don't get this type of honesty in a lot of businesses these days; most just want to take your money regardless if you really need their services! "
  • " Absolutely outstanding work. I've had 2 separate issues which were solved during the first visit. I appreciate the 6 month guarantee for ant removal. We're all surprised that we didn't require a 2nd treatment. It's a miracle to be ant-free for about 2 months now. Both Angel and Don are very kind, professional, knowledgeable and informative. We definitely recommend to anyone in need. "
  • " Outstanding service and fair pricing! Extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff. Don and Alan are very nice guys; they were at our house in a very short amount of time and they did a fantastic job! I would recommend Alco to all friends and family in New Jersey. "
  • " They came on time, solved our bird in the fireplace situation quickly and humanely, looked to address and solved the long-term issue that might cause such things to happen and charged us not only reasonably but less than expected. Turned a rude awakening into a bright day. "
  • " 5 star rating for personal and courteous service. Honest and quick to respond. Knowledgeable and successful at treating my home for yellow jackets. Don't hesitate to call this Company. You won't be disappointed. "
  • " Great guys! We had a yellowjacket nest in the wall and the wasps were finding their way inside the house.
    At first, we got another pest control company to treat it and at each visit they puffed a little bit of delta dust, saying it might or might not solve the problem, the nest might be very large etc - and we were paying by the visit!
    Then got ALCO to come over and see if they could kill the nest. They were so sure that we signed them up immediately. Sure enough, they got rid of the problem. We had wasps come into the house for a week or so and ALCO were prompt to come over again to treat the crawl space as well. Would recommend them. "

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Pest Removal Reviews Passaic County, NJ