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  • # I had bird nest in my air conditioners. The techs came out and removed the nest carefully and then put wire mesh around my air conditioner so it would not happen again. They were quick and friendly . What I liked the most is while they were came out for one job they stumbled on a bee hive above one of the air conditioners and removed it FREE of Charge .. Great customer service... Very happy with the price too .. Keep up the good work ALCO

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Carpenter Ant Exterminators Essex County, NJ

by ALCO Pest Control

Are you looking for Carpenter Ant Exterminators in Essex County, NJ? Since 1995 ALCO Pest Exterminators has been providing excellent Carpenter Ant Exterminators in Essex County, NJ for many satisfied clients. Whether it is Carpenter Ant Exterminators in Essex County, NJ for homes or commercial Carpenter Ant Exterminators in Essex County, NJ, ALCO Pest Exterminators can solve your Carpenter Ant problem promptly and professionally. Using environment and home friendly Carpenter Ant Exterminators products, ALCO Pest Exterminators safely removes your unwanted Carpenter Ant infestation in Essex County, NJ.

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There are several species of carpenter ants that may be found infesting homes and other buildings. Normally workers are black or red and black in color and range in size from 3/8 to 1/2 inch. Winged queen ants may be as large as one inch.

A good pest control professional will do a very thorough examination of your home. Having all family members present may help the agent pinpoint the location of the next more easily, so be ready for questions about sightings and recent insect activity. Once the nest is located, the pest control agent will drill holes, and treat the surrounding wood, moving outward from the nest's location, eventually finishing the job with a residual insecticide spray of the perimeter of your home. With the number infestations and the difficulty of getting rid of these insects, it is relatively common to call in a professional to take care of your problem.

If you realize that you have vermin in your home, it's important that you immediately go to your local pest removal service in NJ. Our pest control consultants will talk to you about Carpenter Ant control in NJ, and how the removal process will work, as well as the effects if will have on your home.

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Carpenter Ant Exterminators Essex County, NJ