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  • # I had bird nest in my air conditioners. The techs came out and removed the nest carefully and then put wire mesh around my air conditioner so it would not happen again. They were quick and friendly . What I liked the most is while they were came out for one job they stumbled on a bee hive above one of the air conditioners and removed it FREE of Charge .. Great customer service... Very happy with the price too .. Keep up the good work ALCO

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Bee Control Hunterdon County, NJ

by ALCO Bee Control
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Are you looking for Bee Control in Hunterdon County, NJ? ALCO Animal & Pest Control is the Bee Control in Hunterdon County, NJ for you!
Since 1995 ALCO Animal & Pest Control has been providing Bee Control in Hunterdon County, NJ for many satisfied clients. Whether it is resdential or commercial Bee Control in Hunterdon County, NJ, ALCO Animal & Pest Control will solve your Bee Control problem like we did for many happy customers.
Using environment friendly products and humane methods to get rid of Bee Control , ALCO Animal & Pest Control will remove your unwanted Bee promtly.

Pest Control NJ by ALCO Animal & Pest Control
Looking for a trusted bee removal company in NJ? ALCO Animal & Pest Control is your trusted exterminator company in NJ! With years of tradition providing pest control for homes and businesses in NJ, ALCO Animal & Pest Control delivers quality insect removal services to many happy clients. While bees can provide us with important resources such as wax and honey, they can also prove to be a serious health hazard to you and your children. These insects can become serious problems that chase away visitors from swimming pool, snack bars, picnic areas, amusement parks or many other outdoor places. Not only is their sting powerful, but in some people it causes allergic reactions that can send children and adults alike to the emergency room in serious condition.

No one should ever try to handle an aggressive infestation in NJ on their own; instead, call ALCO Animal & Pest Control in NJ and let professionals take care of your infestation in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

Our Bee Control in NJ Includes:

24 Hour Emergency Bee Removal in NJ
24 Hour Emergency Carpenter Bee removal in NJ
24 Hour Emergency Hornets Pest Control in NJ
24 Hour Emergency Wasp Removal in NJ
24 Hour Emergency Yellow Jackets Control in NJ

Bees have different appearances throughout different areas of NJ.

These insects are a common problem during summer, often when the carpenter bee seeks to establish a new hive inside a wall cavity of a residential or commercial premises. A swarm of bees can be extremely aggressive and are known to attack a person in large numbers which can lead to death. Also they are known to carry a highly toxic venom which is injected directly into the victim's bloodstream, thereby inflicting a extreme swelling of the skin, particularly of children and people with a fair complexion. In some cases, death may arise to people who are allergic to the venom or who are bitten by swarm in large numbers.

Do not attempt to eradicate swarming bees, unless you have the complete range of protective equipment and professional pest control knowledge essential in these circumstances.

Male bees hang around flowers like the ones mentioned looking for a mate, but are curious and will buzz around people. This buzzing scares people into thinking they are being "attacked". ALCO Animal & Pest Control in NJ provides full pest control removal in NJ. We are more than happy to inform New Jersey and out of state visitors on these and other species that can cause dangers to their health. Our main priority is to provide homeowners and business owners with great advice and effective solutions for infestations.

Contact ALCO Animal & Pest Control at (201)261-7566 for same-day bee control and nest removal in NJ.

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Bee Control Hunterdon County, NJ